Yearly Archives: 2004

off to rehearsal

Driving on the western beltway updating via my hiptop. I need to make some mix cds for the trip this week. Any recommendations for song picks?

man i really was tired

just slept from 6-8PM. zonked out for a while. going to practice at 10:30. gotta run through the set before our mini-tour this week.


getting up at 5:20AM on a monday sucks. but at least I am home and relaxing. talking to dad on AIM.

it’s time for sleep

well ROTK the 2nd time was just about as good as the first time. still an excellent film. this week is going to be crazy. early work 6-2 tomorrow, late 12-8 tue., early 6-2 wed. then off to pittsburgh for thursday night, then to ohio friday night, then new jersey sat. night, then back home sunday. i will be one tired dude.

and here it is… your moment of zen:

Darren Aranofsky or Nathan Chase?

A shot from the Primus show