Monthly Archives: April 2008

The 2008 Annual Chase Family Vacation

Thanks to twitter, I was able to keep a detailed record of the entire trip my wife and I took this year as we went, rather than try to recall it all after we got back home. It offered my friends and family up-to-the-minute news of our vacation, which made for a great way to let everyone know what a grand time we were having. It also had the interesting side effect of not having to tell my twitter followers and avid facebook friends about my trip at all – as they already knew everything we did! So for those that didn’t fall into one of those camps, here’s a breakdown of how it went:

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The Great Move

I’ve now completed the arduous task of migrating all of my old blogs into a single, new, and sexy WordPress blog . I had posts all the way back to December 2003, using both “Old” Blogger, and LiveJournal. This involved backing up my LiveJournal, and exporting to XML, and then using the WordPress importer. Then for Blogger, I had to temporarily switch my hosting to blogspot instead of my ftp, and then use WordPress’s importer for Blogger. With all of those posts and comments finally in one place, I was then able to work on styling things up, and putting together a new look for the site. So other than going back and giving some of my old posts proper titles, and doing a little tagging, I should be all set. If anyone sees anything awry, let me know. For anyone else that may have to accomplish the same task, I couldn’t have done it without:

Now time to finish packing for my vacation to San Francisco – Krissy’s already there, ready to make her presentation tomorrow at the SIOP Conference. After her sessions are over, our trip will take us around the city, to a night excursion to Alcatraz, a tour to Muir Woods, and then we’ll be renting a convertible to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway down to Los Angeles. It should be a fantastic time.